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Infant of Prague Statue 9.5 Inches

Infant of Prague Statue 9.5 Inches

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Introducing our remarkable 9.5 Inch Infant of Prague Statue with a "Secret" Compartment, a unique fusion of spirituality and discreet functionality. Crafted with the utmost care from a blend of premium resin and stone, this Infant of Prague statue embodies the divine grace of the Infant Jesus while concealing a hidden compartment for your treasured keepsakes or personal prayers.

At first glance, the intricate detailing and serene expression of the Infant of Prague will captivate your heart. Standing at 9.5 inches tall, it exudes an aura of devotion and tranquility, making it a perfect addition to your sacred space. But what sets this statue apart is its secret compartment cleverly concealed within its base.

This hidden compartment provides a discreet sanctuary for your most cherished items, whether it be a special prayer, a precious trinket, or a token of your deepest wishes. The resin and stone mix ensures its durability, promising that your secret will remain safe and secure for years to come.

Enhance your daily rituals, or surprise a loved one with a truly unique and meaningful gift. The Infant of Prague Statue with a "Secret" Compartment is a testament to faith, artistry, and the capacity for hidden treasures within us all. Experience the divine presence and keep your most sacred moments close with this exceptional piece of religious art. Makes a great Confirmation Gift.

Dimensions 9.5"H 4"W 4"D

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