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Nino De Atocha Christ Statue

Nino De Atocha Christ Statue

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During the 13th Century, Spain was under invasion by the Moors. The town of Atocha was lost by Spain to the Muslim invaders, and the Christians were taken prisoners. The Christians were placed on strict punishments and prohibitions and they were denied food by their captors. Eventually, only children under the age of 12 were used for bringing food. The women of Atocha knew that most people in the jails would not survive under such conditions. Praying before the statue of Our Lady of Atochaf, they pleaded for the Virgin Mary to ask her Son for help. Reports began to spread among the people of Atocha that a child under the age of twelve had began to bring childless prisoners food. The child was dressed in pilgrim's clothing. When the women of Atocha heard of the miraculous Child, they returned to Our Lady of Atocha and thanked the Blessed Virgin for her intercession. Looking upon the image of the Madonna, they noticed that the shoes worn by the Infant Jesus held by Our Lady of Atocha were tattered and dusty. The shoes were replaced but became soiled once again. The people of Atocha saw this as a sign that the Infant Jesus went out every night to help those in need.
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